SQL statistics for Performance Insights - Amazon Relational Database Service
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SQL statistics for Performance Insights

SQL statistics are performance-related metrics about SQL queries that are collected by Performance Insights. Performance Insights gathers statistics for each second that a query is running and for each SQL call. The SQL statistics are an average for the selected time range.

A SQL digest is a composite of all queries having a given pattern but not necessarily having the same literal values. The digest replaces literal values with a question mark. For example, SELECT * FROM emp WHERE lname= ?. This digest might consist of the following child queries:

SELECT * FROM emp WHERE lname = 'Sanchez' SELECT * FROM emp WHERE lname = 'Olagappan' SELECT * FROM emp WHERE lname = 'Wu'

All engines support SQL statistics for digest queries.

For the region, DB engine, and instance class support information for this feature, see Amazon RDS DB engine, Region, and instance class support for Performance Insights features