Deleting a metrics filter - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Deleting a metrics filter

You can delete an Amazon CloudWatch request metrics filter if you no longer need it. When you delete a filter, you are no longer charged for request metrics that use that specific filter. However, you will continue to be charged for any other filter configurations that exist.

When you delete a filter, you can no longer use the filter for request metrics. Deleting a filter cannot be undone.

For information about creating a request metrics filter, see the following topics:

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console at

  2. In the Buckets list, choose your bucket name.

  3. Choose the Metrics tab.

  4. Under Bucket metrics, choose View additional charts.

  5. Choose the Request metrics tab.

  6. Choose Manage filters.

  7. Choose your filter.


    Deleting a filter cannot be undone.

  8. Choose Delete.

    Amazon S3 deletes your filter.

You can also add metrics configurations programmatically with the Amazon S3 REST API. For more information about adding and working with metrics configurations, see the following topics in the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference: