Optimizing Amazon S3 Express One Zone performance - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Optimizing Amazon S3 Express One Zone performance

Amazon S3 Express One Zone is a high-performance, single Availability Zone (AZ) S3 storage class that's purpose-built to deliver consistent, single-digit millisecond data access for your most latency-sensitive applications. S3 Express One Zone is the first S3 storage class that gives you the option to co-locate high-performance object storage and Amazon compute resources, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and Amazon Elastic Container Service, within a single Availability Zone. Co-locating your storage and compute resources optimizes compute performance and costs and provides increased data-processing speed.

S3 Express One Zone provides similar performance elasticity to other S3 storage classes, but with consistent single-digit millisecond first-byte read and write request latencies—up to 10x faster than S3 Standard. S3 Express One Zone is designed from the ground up to support burst throughput up to very high aggregate levels. The S3 Express One Zone storage class uses a custom-built architecture to optimize for performance and deliver consistently low request latency by storing data on high-performance hardware. The object protocol for S3 Express One Zone has been enhanced to streamline authentication and metadata overhead.

To further increase access speed and support hundreds of thousands of requests per second, S3 Express One Zone stores data in a new bucket type—an Amazon S3 directory bucket. Each S3 directory bucket can support hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (TPS).

The combination of high-performance, purpose-built hardware and software that delivers single-digit millisecond data access speed and directory buckets that scale for large numbers of transactions per second makes S3 Express One Zone the best Amazon S3 storage class for request-intensive operations or performance-critical applications.

The following topics describe best practice guidelines and design patterns for optimizing performance with applications that use the S3 Express One Zone storage class.