Managing Amazon resource tags with Storage Lens groups - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Managing Amazon resource tags with Storage Lens groups

Each Amazon S3 Storage Lens group is counted as an Amazon resource with its own Amazon Resource Name (ARN). Therefore, when you configure your Storage Lens group, you can optionally add Amazon resource tags to the group. You can add up to 50 tags for each Storage Lens group. To create a Storage Lens group with tags, you must have the s3:CreateStorageLensGroup and s3:TagResource permissions.

You can use Amazon resource tags to categorize resources according to department, line of business, or project. Doing so is useful when you have many resources of the same type. By applying tags, you can quickly identify a specific Storage Lens group based on the tags that you've assigned to it. You can also use tags to track and allocate costs.

In addition, when you add an Amazon resource tag to your Storage Lens group, you activate attribute-based access control (ABAC). ABAC is an authorization strategy that defines permissions based on attributes, in this case tags. You can also use conditions that specify resource tags in your IAM policies to control access to Amazon resources.

You can edit tag keys and values, and you can remove tags from a resource at any time. Also, be aware of the following limitations:

  • Tag keys and tag values are case sensitive.

  • If you add a tag that has the same key as an existing tag on that resource, the new value overwrites the old value.

  • If you delete a resource, any tags for the resource are also deleted.

  • Don't include private or sensitive data in your Amazon resource tags.

  • System tags (with tag keys that begin with aws:) aren't supported.

  • The length of each tag key can't exceed 128 characters. The length of each tag value can't exceed 256 characters.

The following examples demonstrate how to use Amazon resource tags with Storage Lens groups.