RdsDbSnapshotConfiguration - IAM Access Analyzer
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The proposed access control configuration for an Amazon RDS DB snapshot. You can propose a configuration for a new Amazon RDS DB snapshot or an Amazon RDS DB snapshot that you own by specifying the RdsDbSnapshotAttributeValue and optional Amazon KMS encryption key. For more information, see ModifyDBSnapshotAttribute.



The names and values of manual DB snapshot attributes. Manual DB snapshot attributes are used to authorize other Amazon Web Services accounts to restore a manual DB snapshot. The only valid value for attributeName for the attribute map is restore.

Type: String to RdsDbSnapshotAttributeValue object map

Required: No


The KMS key identifier for an encrypted Amazon RDS DB snapshot. The KMS key identifier is the key ARN, key ID, alias ARN, or alias name for the KMS key.

  • If the configuration is for an existing Amazon RDS DB snapshot and you do not specify the kmsKeyId, or you specify an empty string, then the access preview uses the existing kmsKeyId of the snapshot.

  • If the access preview is for a new resource and you do not specify the specify the kmsKeyId, then the access preview considers the snapshot as unencrypted.

Type: String

Required: No

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