Troubleshooting: Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ - Amazon MQ
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Troubleshooting: Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ

Use the information in this section to help you diagnose and resolve common issues you might encounter when working with Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ brokers.

I can’t see metrics for my queues or virtual hosts in CloudWatch.

If you’re unable to view metrics for your queues or virtual hosts in CloudWatch, check if your queue or virtual host names contain any blank spaces, tabs, or other non-ASCII characters.

Amazon MQ cannot publish metrics for virtual hosts and queues with names containing blank spaces, tabs or other non-ASCII characters.

For more information about dimension names, see Dimension in the Amazon CloudWatch API Reference.

How do I enable plugins in Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ?

Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ currently only supports the RabbitMQ management, shovel, federation, consistent-hash exchange plugin, which are enabled by default. For more information on using supported plugins, see Plugins.

I'm unable to change Amazon VPC configuration for the broker.

Amazon MQ does not support changing Amazon VPC configuration after your broker is created. Please note that you will need to create a new broker with the new Amazon VPC configuration and update the client connection URL with the new broker connection URL.