Steps to re-platform - Amazon MQ
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Steps to re-platform

You can use the following procedure to migrate the TIBCO EMS architecture shown here to an equivalent Amazon MQ architecture without impacting App 1 or App 2:

  1. Create an active/standby broker in us-east-1 and another in us-east-2 named as AMQ_ORANGE and AMQ_APPLE.

  2. Create a Network Bridge between 2 brokers by adding a duplex network connector definition to one of the queues:

    <networkConnectors> <networkConnector duplex="true" name="connector_AMQ_ORANGE_to_AMQ_APPLE" uri="masterslave:(ssl://,ssl://" userName="amqadmin"/> </networkConnectors>

    After the reboot of AMQ_ORANGE, there should be a Network Bridge created between both brokers as illustrated below:


    Steps 1 and 2 can be replicated using a Amazon CloudFormation template. For more information about using Amazon CloudFormation to set up Amazon MQ brokers, see the Amazon MQ Amazon CloudFormation Template Reference.

  3. Retrieve the list of static TIBCO EMS server destinations from the config files, queues.conf and topics.conf or by using the following tibemsadmin commands:

    show queues * static show topics * static

    When finished, update the Amazon MQ broker AMQ_ORANGE configuration file to add startup destinations as shown here:

    <destinations> <queue physicalName="FOO.BAR"/> <topic physicalName="SOME.TOPIC"/> </destinations>
  4. Destination properties for TIBCO EMS can be found in queues.conf and topics.conf files. Per Destination level Policy can be set in Amazon MQ using the destinationPolicy section in the configuration file.

  5. Retrieve the list of TIBCO EMS Bridges from bridges.conf. For example, the Bridge from source topic NOTIFY.FOOBAR to target queues FOO and BAR is shown as:

    [topic:NOTIFY.FOOBAR] queue=FOO queue=BAR

    When finished, up the Amazon MQ broker AMQ_ORANGE configuration file to add Composite Destinations that match TIBCO EMS bridges.


    Simple Topic to Queue bridges are needed in TIBCO EMS to support m-hop routing. In Amazon MQ this is not needed and queues can be used directly with a Network of Brokers.