Step 3: Create a DAX cluster using the Amazon CLI - Amazon DynamoDB
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Step 3: Create a DAX cluster using the Amazon CLI

Follow this procedure to use the Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI) to create an Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) cluster in your default Amazon VPC.

To create a DAX cluster
  1. Get the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for your service role.

    aws iam get-role \ --role-name DAXServiceRoleForDynamoDBAccess \ --query "Role.Arn" --output text

    In the output, note the service role ARN, as in the following example.


  2. Create the DAX cluster. Replace roleARN with the ARN from the previous step.

    aws dax create-cluster \ --cluster-name mydaxcluster \ --node-type dax.r4.large \ --replication-factor 3 \ --iam-role-arn roleARN \ --subnet-group my-subnet-group \ --sse-specification Enabled=true \ --region us-west-2

    All of the nodes in the cluster are of type dax.r4.large (--node-type). There are three nodes (--replication-factor)—one primary node and two replicas.


    Since sudo and grep are reserved keywords, you cannot create a DAX cluster with these words in the cluster name. For example, sudo and sudocluster are invalid cluster names.

To view the cluster status, enter the following command.

aws dax describe-clusters

The status is shown in the output—for example, "Status": "creating".


Creating the cluster takes several minutes. When the cluster is ready, its status changes to available. In the meantime, proceed to Step 4: Configure security group inbound rules using the Amazon CLI and follow the instructions there.