Step 3: Connect to the Leader node - Amazon DynamoDB
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Step 3: Connect to the Leader node

When the status of your Amazon EMR cluster changes to Waiting, you will be able to connect to the leader node using SSH and perform command line operations.

  1. In the Amazon EMR console, choose your cluster's name to view its status.

  2. On the Cluster Details page, find the Leader public DNS field. This is the public DNS name for the leader node of your Amazon EMR cluster.

  3. To the right of the DNS name, choose the SSH link.

  4. Follow the instructions in Connect to the Leader Node Using SSH .

    Depending on your operating system, choose the Windows tab or the Mac/Linux tab, and follow the instructions for connecting to the leader node.

After you connect to the leader node using either SSH or PuTTY, you should see a command prompt similar to the following:

[hadoop@ip-192-0-2-0 ~]$
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