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DynamoDB API permissions: Actions, resources, and conditions reference

When you are setting up Access control and writing a permissions policy that you can attach to an IAM identity (identity-based policies), you can use the list of Actions, resources, and condition keys for Amazon DynamoDB in the IAM User Guide as a reference. The page lists each DynamoDB API operation, the corresponding actions for which you can grant permissions to perform the action, and the Amazon resource for which you can grant the permissions. You specify the actions in the policy's Action field, and you specify the resource value in the policy's Resource field.

You can use Amazon-wide condition keys in your DynamoDB policies to express conditions. For a complete list of Amazon-wide keys, see the IAM JSON policy elements reference in the IAM User Guide.

In addition to the Amazon-wide condition keys, DynamoDB has its own specific keys that you can use in conditions. For more information, see Using IAM policy conditions for fine-grained access control.

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