Expression - Amazon Billing and Cost Management
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Use Expression to filter by cost or by usage. There are two patterns:

  • Simple dimension values - You can set the dimension name and values for the filters that you plan to use. For example, you can filter for REGION==us-east-1 OR REGION==us-west-1. For GetRightsizingRecommendation, the Region is a full name (for example, REGION==US East (N. Virginia). The Expression example is as follows:

    { "Dimensions": { "Key": "REGION", "Values": [ "us-east-1", “us-west-1” ] } }

    The list of dimension values are OR'd together to retrieve cost or usage data. You can create Expression and DimensionValues objects using either with* methods or set* methods in multiple lines.

  • Compound dimension values with logical operations - You can use multiple Expression types and the logical operators AND/OR/NOT to create a list of one or more Expression objects. By doing this, you can filter on more advanced options. For example, you can filter on ((REGION == us-east-1 OR REGION == us-west-1) OR (TAG.Type == Type1)) AND (USAGE_TYPE != DataTransfer). The Expression for that is as follows:

    { "And": [ {"Or": [ {"Dimensions": { "Key": "REGION", "Values": [ "us-east-1", "us-west-1" ] }}, {"Tags": { "Key": "TagName", "Values": ["Value1"] } } ]}, {"Not": {"Dimensions": { "Key": "USAGE_TYPE", "Values": ["DataTransfer"] }}} ] }


    Because each Expression can have only one operator, the service returns an error if more than one is specified. The following example shows an Expression object that creates an error.

    { "And": [ ... ], "DimensionValues": { "Dimension": "USAGE_TYPE", "Values": [ "DataTransfer" ] } }


For the GetRightsizingRecommendation action, a combination of OR and NOT isn't supported. OR isn't supported between different dimensions, or dimensions and tags. NOT operators aren't supported. Dimensions are also limited to LINKED_ACCOUNT, REGION, or RIGHTSIZING_TYPE.

For the GetReservationPurchaseRecommendation action, only NOT is supported. AND and OR aren't supported. Dimensions are limited to LINKED_ACCOUNT.



Return results that match both Dimension objects.

Type: Array of Expression objects

Required: No


The filter that's based on CostCategory values.

Type: CostCategoryValues object

Required: No


The specific Dimension to use for Expression.

Type: DimensionValues object

Required: No


Return results that don't match a Dimension object.

Type: Expression object

Required: No


Return results that match either Dimension object.

Type: Array of Expression objects

Required: No


The specific Tag to use for Expression.

Type: TagValues object

Required: No

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