Amazon service events - Amazon CloudTrail
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Amazon service events

CloudTrail supports logging non-API service events. These events are created by Amazon services but are not directly triggered by a request to a public Amazon API. For these events, the eventType field is AwsServiceEvent.

The following is an example scenario of an Amazon service event when a customer managed key is automatically rotated in Amazon Key Management Service (Amazon KMS). For more information about rotating KMS keys, see Rotating KMS keys.

{ "eventVersion": "1.05", "userIdentity": { "accountId": "123456789012", "invokedBy": "AWS Internal" }, "eventTime": "2019-06-02T00:06:08Z", "eventSource": "", "eventName": "RotateKey", "awsRegion": "us-east-2", "sourceIPAddress": "AWS Internal", "userAgent": "AWS Internal", "requestParameters": null, "responseElements": null, "eventID": "234f004b-EXAMPLE", "readOnly": false, "resources": [ { "ARN": "arn:aws:kms:us-east-2:123456789012:key/7944f0ec-EXAMPLE", "accountId": "123456789012", "type": "AWS::KMS::Key" } ], "eventType": "AwsServiceEvent", "recipientAccountId": "123456789012", "serviceEventDetails": { "keyId": "7944f0ec-EXAMPLE" } }