Enable Lake query federation - Amazon CloudTrail
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Enable Lake query federation

You can enable Lake query federation by using the CloudTrail console, Amazon CLI, or EnableFederation API operation. When you enable Lake query federation, CloudTrail creates a managed database named aws:cloudtrail (if the database doesn't already exist) and a managed federated table in the Amazon Glue Data Catalog. The event data store ID is used for the table name. CloudTrail registers the federation role ARN and event data store in Amazon Lake Formation, the service responsible for allowing fine-grained access control of the federated resources in the Amazon Glue Data Catalog.

This section describes how to enable federation using the CloudTrail console and Amazon CLI.

CloudTrail console

The following procedure shows you how to enable Lake query federation on an existing event data store.

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the CloudTrail console at https://console.amazonaws.cn/cloudtrail/.

  2. In the navigation pane, under Lake, choose Event data stores.

  3. Choose the event data store that you want to update. This opens the event data store's details page.

  4. In Lake query federation, choose Edit and then choose Enable.

  5. Choose whether to create a new IAM role, or use an existing role. When you create a new role, CloudTrail automatically creates a role with the required permissions. If you're using an existing role, be sure the role's policy provides the required minimum permissions.

  6. If you're creating a new IAM role, enter a name for the role.

  7. If you're choosing an existing IAM role, choose the role you want to use. The role must exist in your account.

  8. Choose Save changes. The Federation status changes to Enabled.

Amazon CLI

To enable federation, run the aws cloudtrail enable-federation command, providing the required --event-data-store and --role parameters. For --event-data-store, provide the event data store ARN (or the ID suffix of the ARN). For --role, provide the ARN for your federation role. The role must exist in your account and provide the required minimum permissions.

aws cloudtrail enable-federation --event-data-store arn:aws:cloudtrail:region:account-id:eventdatastore/eds-id --role arn:aws:iam::account-id:role/federation-role-name

This example shows how a delegated administrator can enable federation on an organization event data store by specifying the ARN of the event data store in the management account and the ARN of the federation role in the delegated administrator account.

aws cloudtrail enable-federation --event-data-store arn:aws:cloudtrail:region:management-account-id:eventdatastore/eds-id --role arn:aws:iam::delegated-administrator-account-id:role/federation-role-name