Configure the Amazon CLI to use Amazon IAM Identity Center - Amazon Command Line Interface
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Configure the Amazon CLI to use Amazon IAM Identity Center

There are primarily two ways to authenticate users with Amazon IAM Identity Center (IAM Identity Center) to get credentials to run Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI) commands through the config file:

When using IAM Identity Center, you can login to Active Directory, a built-in IAM Identity Center directory, or another IdP connected to IAM Identity Center. You can map these credentials to an Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role for you to run Amazon CLI commands.

Regardless of which IdP you use, IAM Identity Center abstracts those distinctions away. For example, you can connect Microsoft Azure AD as described in the blog article The Next Evolution in IAM Identity Center.


For information on using bearer auth, which uses no account ID and role, see Setting up to use the Amazon CLI with CodeCatalyst in the Amazon CodeCatalyst User Guide.