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Change branch settings in Amazon CodeCommit

You can change which branch to use as the default branch in the Amazon CodeCommit console or with the Amazon CLI. For example, if you created your first commit using a Git client that set the default branch to master, you could create a branch named main, and then change the branch settings so that the new branch is set as the default branch for the repository. To change other branch settings, you can use Git from a local repo connected to the CodeCommit repository.

Change the default branch (console)

You can specify which branch is the default branch in a CodeCommit repository in the Amazon CodeCommit console.

  1. Open the CodeCommit console at

  2. In Repositories, choose the name of the repository where you want to change settings.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Settings.

  4. In Default branch, choose the branch drop-down list and choose a different branch. Choose Save.

    • If you do not see another branch in the drop-down list, you have not created any additional branches. You cannot change the default branch of a repository if the repository has only one branch. For more information, see Create a branch in Amazon CodeCommit.

    • If you do not see the Default branch section but instead see items for notification rules and connections, you are in the general settings menu for the console. The settings menu for repositories is listed under Repositories at the same level as Code and Pull requests.

Change the default branch (Amazon CLI)

To use Amazon CLI commands with CodeCommit, install the Amazon CLI. For more information, see Command line reference.

To use the Amazon CLI to change a repository's branch settings in a CodeCommit repository, run the following command:

To change the default branch

  1. Run the update-default-branch command, specifying:

    • The name of the CodeCommit repository where the default branch is updated (with the --repository-name option).


      To get the name of the CodeCommit repository, run the list-repositories command.

    • The name of the new default branch (with the --default-branch-name option).


      To get the name of the branch, run the list-branches command.

  2. For example, to change the default branch to MyNewBranch in a CodeCommit repository named MyDemoRepo:

    aws codecommit update-default-branch --repository-name MyDemoRepo --default-branch-name MyNewBranch

    This command produces output only if there are errors.

For more options, see your Git documentation.