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Troubleshooting Git clients and Amazon CodeCommit

The following information might help you troubleshoot common issues when using Git with Amazon CodeCommit repositories. For troubleshooting problems related to Git clients when using HTTPS or SSH, also see Troubleshooting Git credentials (HTTPS), Troubleshooting SSH connections, and Troubleshooting the credential helper (HTTPS).

Git error: Error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Problem: When pushing a large change, a large number of changes, or a large repository, long-running HTTPS connections are often terminated prematurely due to networking issues or firewall settings.

Possible fixes: Push with SSH instead, or when you are migrating a large repository, follow the steps in Migrate a repository in increments. Also, make sure you are not exceeding the size limits for individual files. For more information, see Quotas.

Git error: Too many reference update commands

Problem: The maximum number of reference updates per push is 4,000. This error appears when the push contains more than 4,000 reference updates.

Possible fixes: Try pushing branches and tags individually with git push --all and git push --tags. If you have too many tags, split the tags into multiple pushes. For more information, see Quotas.

Git error: Push via HTTPS is broken in some versions of Git

Problem: An issue with the curl update to 7.41.0 causes SSPI-based digest authentication to fail. Known affected versions of Git include 1.9.5.msysgit.1. Some versions of Git for Windows might not be in full compliance with RFC 2617 and RFC 4559, which could potentially cause issues with HTTPS connections using either Git credentials or the credential helper included with the Amazon CLI.

Possible fixes: Check your version of Git for known issues or use an earlier or later version. For more information about mysysgit, see Push to HTTPS Is Broken in the GitHub forums. For more information about Git for Windows version issues, see Version 2.11.0(3) does not ask for username/password.

Git error: 'gnutls_handshake() failed'

Problem: In Linux, when you try to use Git to communicate with a CodeCommit repository, an error message appears containing the phrase error: gnutls_handshake() failed.

Possible fixes: Compile Git against OpenSSL. For one approach, see "Error: gnutls_handshake() failed" When Connecting to HTTPS Servers in the Ask Ubuntu forums.

Alternatively, use SSH instead of HTTPS to communicate with CodeCommit repositories.

Git error: Git cannot find the CodeCommit repository or does not have permission to access the repository

Problem: A trailing slash in the connection string can cause connection attempts to fail.

Possible fixes: Make sure that you have provided the correct name and connection string for the repository, and that there are no trailing slashes. For more information, see Connect to a repository.

Git on Windows: No supported authentication methods available (publickey)

Problem: After you configure SSH access for Windows, you see an access denied error when you attempt to use commands such as git pull, git push, or git clone.

Possible fixes: The most common cause for this error is that a GIT_SSH environment variable exists on your computer and is configured to support another connection utility, such as PuTTY. To fix this problem, try one of the following:

  • Open a Bash emulator and add the GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh" parameter before the Git command. For example, if you are attempting to clone a repository, instead of running git clone ssh:// my-demo-repo, run:

    GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh" git clone ssh:// my-demo-repo
  • Rename or delete the GIT_SSH environment variable if you are no longer using it. Then open a new command prompt or Bash emulator session, and try your command again.

For more information about troubleshooting Git issues on Windows when using SSH, see Troubleshooting SSH connections.