DeviceConfigurationType - Amazon Cognito User Pools
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The device-remembering configuration for a user pool. A DescribeUserPool request returns a null value for this object when the user pool isn't configured to remember devices. When device remembering is active, you can remember a user's device with a ConfirmDevice API request. Additionally. when the property DeviceOnlyRememberedOnUserPrompt is true, you must follow ConfirmDevice with an UpdateDeviceStatus API request that sets the user's device to remembered or not_remembered.

To sign in with a remembered device, include DEVICE_KEY in the authentication parameters in your user's InitiateAuth request. If your app doesn't include a DEVICE_KEY parameter, the response from Amazon Cognito includes newly-generated DEVICE_KEY and DEVICE_GROUP_KEY values under NewDeviceMetadata. Store these values to use in future device-authentication requests.


When you provide a value for any property of DeviceConfiguration, you activate the device remembering for the user pool.



When true, a remembered device can sign in with device authentication instead of SMS and time-based one-time password (TOTP) factors for multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Whether or not ChallengeRequiredOnNewDevice is true, users who sign in with devices that have not been confirmed or remembered must still provide a second factor in a user pool that requires MFA.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


When true, Amazon Cognito doesn't automatically remember a user's device when your app sends a ConfirmDevice API request. In your app, create a prompt for your user to choose whether they want to remember their device. Return the user's choice in an UpdateDeviceStatus API request.

When DeviceOnlyRememberedOnUserPrompt is false, Amazon Cognito immediately remembers devices that you register in a ConfirmDevice API request.

Type: Boolean

Required: No

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