Use ForgotPassword with an Amazon SDK or CLI - Amazon Cognito
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Use ForgotPassword with an Amazon SDK or CLI

The following code examples show how to use ForgotPassword.

Action examples are code excerpts from larger programs and must be run in context. You can see this action in context in the following code example:

Amazon CLI

To force a password change

The following forgot-password example sends a message to to change their password.

aws cognito-idp forgot-password --client-id 38fjsnc484p94kpqsnet7mpld0 --username


{ "CodeDeliveryDetails": { "Destination": "j***@e***.com", "DeliveryMedium": "EMAIL", "AttributeName": "email" } }
  • For API details, see ForgotPassword in Amazon CLI Command Reference.

SDK for Go V2

There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the Amazon Code Examples Repository.

type CognitoActions struct { CognitoClient *cognitoidentityprovider.Client } // ForgotPassword starts a password recovery flow for a user. This flow typically sends a confirmation code // to the user's configured notification destination, such as email. func (actor CognitoActions) ForgotPassword(clientId string, userName string) (*types.CodeDeliveryDetailsType, error) { output, err := actor.CognitoClient.ForgotPassword(context.TODO(), &cognitoidentityprovider.ForgotPasswordInput{ ClientId: aws.String(clientId), Username: aws.String(userName), }) if err != nil { log.Printf("Couldn't start password reset for user '%v'. Here;s why: %v\n", userName, err) } return output.CodeDeliveryDetails, err }
  • For API details, see ForgotPassword in Amazon SDK for Go API Reference.

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