Viewing the user pool import results in the CloudWatch console - Amazon Cognito
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Viewing the user pool import results in the CloudWatch console

You can view the results of your import job in the Amazon CloudWatch console.

Viewing the results

The following steps describe how to view the user pool import results.

To view the results of the user pool import
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the CloudWatch console at

  2. Choose Logs.

  3. Choose the log group for your user pool import jobs. The log group name is in the form /aws/cognito/userpools/USER_POOL_ID/USER_POOL_NAME.

  4. Choose the log for the user import job you just ran. The log name is in the form JOB_ID/JOB_NAME. The results in the log refer to your users by line number. No user data is written to the log. For each user, a line similar to the following appears:

    • [SUCCEEDED] Line Number 5956 - The import succeeded.

    • [SKIPPED] Line Number 5956 - The user already exists.

    • [FAILED] Line Number 5956 - The User Record does not set any of the auto verified attributes to true. (Example: email_verified to true).

Interpreting the results

Successfully imported users have their status set to "PasswordReset".

In the following cases, the user will not be imported, but the import job will continue:

  • No auto-verified attributes are set to true.

  • The user data doesn't match the schema.

  • The user couldn't be imported due to an internal error.

In the following cases, the import job will fail:

  • The Amazon CloudWatch Logs role cannot be assumed, doesn't have the correct access policy, or has been deleted.

  • The user pool has been deleted.

  • Amazon Cognito is unable to parse the .csv file.