Importing users into user pools from a CSV file - Amazon Cognito
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Importing users into user pools from a CSV file

You can import users into an Amazon Cognito user pool. The user information is imported from a specially formatted .csv file. The import process sets values for all user attributes except password. Password import is not supported, because security best practices require that passwords are not available as plain text, and we don't support importing hashes. This means that your users must change their passwords the first time they sign in. So, your users will be in a RESET_REQUIRED state when imported using this method.

You can set your users' passwords with an AdminSetUserPassword API request that sets the Permanent parameter to true.


The creation date for each user is the time when that user was imported into the user pool. Creation date is not one of the imported attributes.

The basic steps are:

  1. Create an Amazon CloudWatch Logs role in the Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) console.

  2. Create the user import .csv file.

  3. Create and run the user import job.

  4. Upload the user import .csv file.

  5. Start and run the user import job.

  6. Use CloudWatch to check the event log.

  7. Require the imported users to reset their passwords.