Example Delivery Failed Notification - Amazon Config
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Example Delivery Failed Notification

Amazon Config sends a delivery failed notification if Amazon Config can't deliver the configuration snapshot or an oversized configuration item change notification to your Amazon S3 bucket. Verify that you specified a valid Amazon S3 bucket.

View the Timeline for this Resource in the Console: https://console.aws.amazon.com/config/home?region=us-west-2#/timeline/AWS::EC2::Instance/test_resourceId_014b953d-75e3-40ce-96b9-c7240b975457?time=2016-10-06T16:46:13.749Z The full configuration item change notification for this resource exceeded the maximum size allowed by Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). A summary of the configuration item is provided here. You can view the complete notification in the specified Amazon S3 bucket location. New State Record Summary: ---------------------------- { "configurationItemSummary": { "changeType": "UPDATE", "configurationItemVersion": "1.2", "configurationItemCaptureTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:13.749Z", "configurationStateId": 0, "awsAccountId": "123456789012", "configurationItemStatus": "OK", "resourceType": "AWS::EC2::Instance", "resourceId": "test_resourceId_014b953d-75e3-40ce-96b9-c7240b975457", "resourceName": null, "ARN": "arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2:123456789012:instance/test_resourceId_014b953d-75e3-40ce-96b9-c7240b975457", "awsRegion": "us-west-2", "availabilityZone": null, "configurationStateMd5Hash": "6de64b95eacd30e7b63d4bba7cd80814", "resourceCreationTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:10.489Z" }, "s3DeliverySummary": { "s3BucketLocation": null, "errorCode": "NoSuchBucket", "errorMessage": "Failed to deliver notification to bucket: bucket-example for account 123456789012 in region us-west-2." }, "notificationCreationTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:13.749Z", "messageType": "OversizedConfigurationItemChangeDeliveryFailed", "recordVersion": "1.0" }