rds-enhanced-monitoring-enabled - Amazon Config
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Checks if enhanced monitoring is enabled for Amazon RDS instances. This rule is NON_COMPLIANT if 'monitoringInterval' is '0' in the configuration item of the RDS instance, or if 'monitoringInterval' does not match the rule parameter value.


Resource Types: AWS::RDS::DBInstance

Trigger type: Configuration changes

Amazon Web Services Region: All supported Amazon regions except Asia Pacific (Osaka), Europe (Spain) Region


monitoringInterval (Optional)
Type: int

An integer value in seconds between points when enhanced monitoring metrics are collected for the database instance. The valid values are 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60.

Proactive Evaluation

For steps on how to run this rule in proactive mode, see Evaluating Your Resources with Amazon Config Rules. For this rule to return COMPLIANT in proactive mode, the resource configuration schema for the StartResourceEvaluation API needs to include the following inputs, encoded as a string:

"ResourceConfiguration": ... { "MonitoringInterval": Integer*, "Engine": String* } ...

*For more information on valid values for these inputs, see MonitoringInterval and Engine in the Amazon CloudFormation User Guide.

For more information on proactive evaluation, see Evaluation Mode.

Amazon CloudFormation template

To create Amazon Config managed rules with Amazon CloudFormation templates, see Creating Amazon Config Managed Rules With Amazon CloudFormation Templates.