vpc-sg-open-only-to-authorized-ports - Amazon Config
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Checks if security groups allowing unrestricted incoming traffic ('' or '::/0') only allow inbound TCP or UDP connections on authorized ports. The rule is NON_COMPLIANT if such security groups do not have ports specified in the rule parameters.


This rule evaluates Amazon EC2 security groups with ingress rule set to IPv4='' or IPv6='::/'. If the security group does not have one of those destinations, this rule returns NOT_APPLICABLE.


Resource Types: AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup

Trigger type: Configuration changes and Periodic

Amazon Web Services Region: All supported Amazon regions except Asia Pacific (Osaka), Asia Pacific (Melbourne), Israel (Tel Aviv) Region


authorizedTcpPorts (Optional)
Type: String

Comma-separated list of TCP ports authorized to be open to or ::/0. Ranges are defined by dash, for example, "443,1020-1025".

authorizedUdpPorts (Optional)
Type: String

Comma-separated list of UDP ports authorized to be open to or ::/0. Ranges are defined by dash, for example, "500,1020-1025".

Amazon CloudFormation template

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