Using a budget template (simplified) - Amazon Cost Management
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Using a budget template (simplified)

You can create a budget using a template with recommended configurations. Budget templates are a simplified way to start using Amazon Budgets, with a single page workflow, unlike the 5-step workflow that is required for Customizing a budget (advanced).

You can choose from the following budget templates:

Zero spend budget

A budget that notifies you after your spending exceeds Amazon Free Tier limits.

Monthly cost budget

A monthly budget that notifies you if you exceed, or are forecasted to exceed, the budget amount.

Daily reservation utilization budget

A utilization budget for your Reserved Instances that notifies you when you fall below the defined target. This helps you to identify when you're not using some of your hourly commitment that you already purchased.

While each template has default configurations, they can be changed later. This way, you can use it to create most of the budget, and then edit certain settings in the advanced workflow, such as adding a linked account or a cost category filter. To change any of the settings, under Template settings, choose Custom.

You can also download a template for offline use in Amazon CLI or CloudFormation, for example. To download a template, under Template settings, choose JSON.