Using the Cost Explorer chart - Amazon Cost Management
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Using the Cost Explorer chart

You can view your costs as either a cash-based view with unblended costs or as an accrual-based view. In a cash-based view, your costs are recorded when cash is received or paid. In an accrual-based view, your costs are recorded when income is earned or costs are incurred. You can view data for up to the last 12 months and forecast how much you're likely to spend for the next 12 months. You can also specify time ranges for the data and view time data by day or by month.

By default, Cost Explorer uses the Group By filter for the Daily unblended costs graph. When using the Group By filter, the Cost Explorer chart displays data for up to six values in the Group By filter. If your data contains additional values, the chart displays five bars or lines and then aggregates all remaining items in a sixth. The data table that's below the chart breaks out the data for individual services that are aggregated in the chart.