Understanding your estimated monthly usage summary - Amazon Cost Management
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Understanding your estimated monthly usage summary

When you enable granular data in Cost Explorer, it increases the number of usage records Cost Explorer needs to host for your organization. To ensure Cost Explorer can respond to queries as quickly as possible, Cost Explorer limits the amount of granular data stored for your organization.

In Cost Management preferences, you can view the estimated usage records count for your granular data preference selections and understand how close you are to the Cost Explorer data limits. See "Understanding Cost Explorer data threshold limits".

Hourly granularity in Cost Explorer is a paid feature and the cost depends on your hourly usage records count. Understanding your estimated usage records count for hourly granularity features can help you estimate the cost of these features before enabling them. See "Estimating cost for Cost Explorer hourly granularity".


The usage records displayed in Cost Management preferences are for your entire organization and are estimates based on your average past usage. The actual usage records in any given past, current, or future month might differ from these values. If you’re a new Amazon customer and haven’t used Amazon for at least a month, we can’t estimate your usage records due to insufficient data.