Prioritizing your cost optimization opportunities - Amazon Cost Management
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Prioritizing your cost optimization opportunities

In Cost Optimization Hub, you can use custom filters, sorting, and grouping, so that you can prioritize your cost optimization effort by return-on-investments.

You can continue refining your cost optimization recommendations by using the additional filters under Chart view or Table view. You can include or exclude accounts, Regions, instance types, purchase options, rightsizing options, and tags.

For example, if you want to understand which Amazon accounts have the most savings opportunities for EC2 instances, you can select all accounts and set the resource type filter to EC2 Instance.

Choose a slice of a summary view to filter recommendations. You can also choose a particular recommendation, view its details, and deep link to the relevant pages in the Billing and Cost Management console and Amazon Compute Optimizer.

At the center of the summary chart, you can see aggregated savings across all sections.

You can change to Table view, displaying a table for account-level estimated monthly cost savings, ordered by savings in descending order.