Viewing your cost optimization opportunities - Amazon Cost Management
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Viewing your cost optimization opportunities

Cost optimization findings for your resources are displayed on the Cost Optimization Hub dashboard. You can use this dashboard to filter cost optimization opportunities and aggregate estimated savings. You can compare your total savings opportunities against your previous month's Amazon spend.

Use the dashboard to group your savings opportunities by Amazon account, Amazon Region, resource types, and tags. View the distribution of your savings opportunities, explore the recommended actions, and identify the areas with the most savings opportunities. The dashboard is refreshed daily and all costs reflect your usage up to the previous day. For example, if today is December 2, the data includes your usage through December 1.

You can use the summary chart to filter recommendations.

Explore and narrow down the categories and recommended actions for cost optimization. To identify resources and specific actions per resource, choose View opportunities to go to the list of resources available for optimization. You can choose a particular recommendation, view its details, and deep link to the relevant pages in the Amazon Billing and Cost Management console and Amazon Compute Optimizer.

At the bottom of the dashboard, you can see your total estimated savings as a percentage of your previous month's net amortized cost. This way, you can benchmark your cost efficiency.