Reporting your budget metrics with budget reports - Amazon Cost Management
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Reporting your budget metrics with budget reports

With Amazon Budgets, you can configure a report to monitor the performance of your existing budgets on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence and deliver that report to up to 50 email addresses.

You can create up to 50 reports for each standalone account or Amazon Organizations management account. Each budget report costs $.01 USD for each report delivered. This is regardless of the number of recipients receiving the report. For example, a daily budget report costs $.01 a day, a weekly budget report costs $.01 a week, and a monthly budget report costs $.01 a month.

If you use consolidated billing in an organization and you own the management account, you can use IAM policies to control access to budgets by member accounts. By default, owners of member accounts can create their own budgets but can't create or edit budgets for other users. You can use IAM to allow users in a member account to create, edit, delete, or read the budget for your management account. Do this, for example, to allow another account to administer your budget. For more information, see Overview of managing access permissions. For more information about Amazon Organizations, see the Amazon Organizations User Guide.