Receiving budget alerts in Amazon Chime and Slack - Amazon Cost Management
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Receiving budget alerts in Amazon Chime and Slack

You can receive your Amazon Budgets alerts in Amazon Chime and Slack by using Amazon Chatbot.

Amazon Chatbot enables you to receive Amazon Budgets alerts directly into your designated Slack channel or Amazon Chime chat room.

To begin receiving your budget alerts in Slack and Amazon Chime
  1. Follow Creating a budget or Editing a budget and select Configure alerts.

  2. Add an Amazon SNS topic as an alert recipient to a specific alert or alerts. To ensure that Amazon Budgets has permissions to publish to your Amazon SNS topics, see Creating an Amazon SNS Topic for Budget Notifications.

  3. Select Confirm Budget.

  4. Select Done.

  5. Open the Amazon Chatbot console.

  6. Select your chat client.

  7. Choose Configure.

    There are specific authorization processes for each endpoint: for example, Slack channel, Amazon Chime rooms, Amazon Chatbot IAM permissions, and SNS topics receiving the budget alerts.

  8. Choose Slack workspace.

  9. Choose a channel type.

    • Public: Everyone in your workspace can see or join the channel

    • Private: The channel is viewable only by invitation

  10. Either select an existing IAM role for Amazon Chatbot to assign or create a new IAM role.

  11. Choose a role name.

  12. Select the Amazon SNS Region.

  13. Select the SNS topic.


    You can send Amazon Budgets alerts to multiple Amazon SNS topics and Regions.

    At least one of the Amazon SNS topics must match the Amazon SNS topic or topics of your budget or budgets.

  14. Select Configure.