Managing Amazon DataSync resources - Amazon DataSync
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Managing Amazon DataSync resources

Learn how to manage your Amazon DataSync resources, such as agents, locations, and tasks.

Managing your DataSync agent

Once you create a DataSync agent, Amazon manages the virtual machine (VM) appliance for you (including software updates). Learn more

Working with your DataSync agent's local console

While Amazon manages your DataSync agent once it's deployed and activated, there might be cases where you need to change your agent's settings or troubleshoot an issue. Learn more

Replacing your DataSync agent

To replace a DataSync agent, you must create a new agent and update any locations that are using the old agent. Learn more

Cleaning up DataSync resources

If you used DataSync for a test or just no longer need its resources, delete those resources so that you aren't charged for them. Learn more

Reusing a DataSync agent's infrastructure

After you delete an agent resource from DataSync, you can still use the agent's virtual machine or Amazon EC2 instance to activate a new agent. Learn more