Update the DNS address for your AD Connector - Amazon Directory Service
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Update the DNS address for your AD Connector

Use the following steps to update the DNS addresses that your AD Connector is pointing to.


If you have an update in progress, you must wait until it is complete before submitting another update.

If you are using WorkSpaces with your AD Connector, ensure that your WorkSpace’s DNS addresses are updated as well. For more information, see Update DNS servers for WorkSpaces.

To update your DNS settings for AD Connector
  1. In the Amazon Directory Service console navigation pane, under Active Directory, choose Directories.

  2. Choose the directory ID link for your directory.

  3. On the Directory details page, choose the Network & Security tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Existing DNS settings section and choose Update.

  5. In the Update existing DNS addresses dialog, type the updated DNS IP addresses, and then choose Update.

For more information on troubleshooting AD Connector, see Troubleshooting AD Connector.