TensorFlow 2 - Deep Learning AMI
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TensorFlow 2

This tutorial shows how to activate TensorFlow 2 on an instance running the Deep Learning AMI with Conda (DLAMI on Conda) and run a TensorFlow 2 program.

When a stable Conda package of a framework is released, it's tested and pre-installed on the DLAMI.

Activating TensorFlow 2

To run TensorFlow on the DLAMI with Conda
  1. To activate TensorFlow 2, open an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance of the DLAMI with Conda.

  2. For TensorFlow 2 and Keras 2 on Python 3 with CUDA 10.1 and MKL-DNN, run this command:

    $ source activate tensorflow2_p310
  3. Start the iPython terminal:

    (tensorflow2_p310)$ ipython
  4. Run a TensorFlow 2 program to verify that it is working properly:

    import tensorflow as tf hello = tf.constant('Hello, TensorFlow!') tf.print(hello)

    Hello, TensorFlow! should appear on your screen.

More Tutorials

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