What Is the Amazon Deep Learning AMI? - Deep Learning AMI
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What Is the Amazon Deep Learning AMI?

Welcome to the User Guide for the Amazon Deep Learning AMI.

The Amazon Deep Learning AMI (DLAMI) is your one-stop shop for deep learning in the cloud. This customized machine image is available in most Amazon EC2 regions for a variety of instance types, from a small CPU-only instance to the latest high-powered multi-GPU instances. It comes preconfigured with NVIDIA CUDA and NVIDIA cuDNN, as well as the latest releases of the most popular deep learning frameworks.

About This Guide

This guide will help you launch and use the DLAMI. It covers several use cases that are common for deep learning, for both training and inference. Choosing the right AMI for your purpose and the kind of instances you may prefer is also covered. The DLAMI comes with several tutorials for each of the frameworks. It also has tutorials on distributed training, debugging, using Amazon Inferentia and Amazon Trainium, and other key concepts. You will find instructions on how to configure Jupyter to run the tutorials in your browser.


You should be familiar with command line tools and basic Python to successfully run the DLAMI. Tutorials on how to use each framework are provided by the frameworks themselves, however, this guide can show you how to activate each one and find the appropriate tutorials to get started.