Create and run a migration task - Database Migration Guide
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Create and run a migration task

You are now ready to launch an Amazon DMS migration task, to migrate the zips data from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB.

  1. Open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Database migration tasks.

  3. Choose Create task and enter the following information:

    • For Task configuration, choose the following settings:

    • For Task settings, choose the following settings:

      • Target table preparation mode — Do nothing

      • Include LOB columns in replication — Limited LOB mode

      • Maximum LOB size (KB) — 32

      • Enable validation

      • Enable CloudWatch logs


        CloudWatch logs usage will be charged at standard rates. See here for more details.

    • For Advanced task settings, keep all of the options at their default values.

    • For Premigration assessment, keep the option at its default value.

    • For Start migration task in Migration task startup configuration, choose Automatically on create.

    • For Tags, keep all of the options at their default values.

When the settings are as you want them, choose Create task.

Amazon DMS now begins migrating data from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB. The task status changes from Starting to Running. You can monitor the progress by choosing Tasks in the Amazon DMS console. After several minutes, the status changes to Load complete.


After the migration is complete, you can use the mongo shell to connect to your Amazon DocumentDB cluster and view the zips data. For more information, see Access your Amazon DocumentDB cluster using the mongo shell in the Amazon DocumentDB Developer Guide.