Working with data providers, instance profiles, and migration projects in Amazon DMS - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Working with data providers, instance profiles, and migration projects in Amazon DMS

When you use DMS Schema Conversion and homogeneous data migrations in Amazon Database Migration Service, you work with migration projects. In turn, Amazon DMS migration projects use subnet groups, instance profiles, and data providers.

A subnet is a range of IP addresses in your VPC. A replication subnet group includes subnets from different Availability Zones which your instance profile can use. Note that a replication subnet group is a DMS resource, and is distinct from subnet groups that Amazon VPC and Amazon RDS use.

An instance profile specifies network and security settings for the serverless environment where your migration project runs.

A data provider stores a data store type and the location information about your database. After you add a data provider to your migration project, you provide the database credentials from Amazon Secrets Manager. Amazon DMS uses this information to connect to your database.

After you create data providers, your instance profile, and other Amazon resources, you can create a migration project. A migration project describes your instance profile, source and target data providers, and secrets from Amazon Secrets Manager. You can create multiple migration projects for different source and target data providers.

You perform most of your work in the migration project. For DMS Schema Conversion, you use a migration project to assess the objects of your source data provider and convert them to a format compatible with the target database. Then, you can apply converted code to your target data provider or save it as a SQL script. For homogeneous data migrations, you use a migration project to migrate data from your source database to a target database of the same type in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Migration projects in Amazon DMS are serverless only. Amazon DMS automatically provisions the cloud resources for your migration projects.

Amazon DMS has the maximum number of instance profiles, data providers, and migration projects that you can create for your Amazon Web Services account. See the following section for information about Amazon DMS service quotas Quotas for Amazon Database Migration Service.