AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide
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Building JARs On-Server with a Buildfile

You can build your application's class files and JAR(s) on the EC2 instances in your environment by invoking a build command from a Buildfile file in your source bundle.

A Buildfile file has the same syntax as a Procfile file, but commands in a Buildfile file are only run once and must terminate upon completion, whereas commands in a Procfile file are expected to run for the life of the application and will be restarted if they terminate. To run the JARs in your application, use a Procfile instead.

Add a file named Buildfile (case sensitive) to the root of your source bundle and configure it to invoke a build command in the following manner:


build: mvn assembly:assembly -DdescriptorId=jar-with-dependencies

The above example runs Apache Maven to build a web application from source code. Check out the Java web application samples for a sample application that uses this feature.

The Java SE platform includes the following build tools, which you can invoke from your build script:

  • javac – Java compiler

  • ant – Apache Ant

  • mvn – Apache Maven

  • gradle – Gradle