Amazon CloudWatch agent - Amazon EMR
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Amazon CloudWatch agent

The Amazon CloudWatch agent on Amazon EMR is a tool that can monitor the Amazon EC2 instances in your EMR cluster. You can store and view the metrics that you collect with the CloudWatch agent in CloudWatch. For more information about the CloudWatch agent, see the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

With Amazon EMR 7.0 and higher, you can install a custom version of Amazon CloudWatch agent on your EMR cluster to collect metrics from all instances in the cluster. The agent collects the metrics on the primary node, and publishes the metrics from that node to the cloud.

You can install the agent when you create a new cluster in the console, or when you use the create-cluster API. For more information, see Create an EMR cluster that uses Amazon CloudWatch agent.

For EMR clusters that use 7.0, the CloudWatch agent publishes 34 system-level metrics at 60-second intervals from each instance in the cluster. You can configure the agent to publish additional metrics to CloudWatch, or choose to publish to Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus instead of CloudWatch. Depending on how you configure the agent to broadcast them, you might view and query the metrics in the CloudWatch dashboard, Amazon Managed Grafana, or through the APIs for CloudWatch or Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.

The following table lists the version of AmazonCloudWatchAgent included in the latest release of the Amazon EMR 7.x series, along with the components that Amazon EMR installs with AmazonCloudWatchAgent.

For the version of components installed with AmazonCloudWatchAgent in this release, see Release 7.0.0 Component Versions.

AmazonCloudWatchAgent version information for emr-7.0.0
Amazon EMR Release Label AmazonCloudWatchAgent Version Components Installed With AmazonCloudWatchAgent


AmazonCloudWatchAgent 1.300031.1

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