Getting Started with FreeRTOS - FreeRTOS
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Getting Started with FreeRTOS

Getting Started with Amazon IoT and FreeRTOS using Quick Connect

To quickly explore Amazon IoT, start with Amazon Quick Connect Demos. Quick Connect demos are simple to setup and connect a partner provided, FreeRTOS qualified board to Amazon IoT.

Follow the Amazon IoT Getting Started tutorial for a better understanding of Amazon IoT and the Amazon IoT console. You can modify the demo source code provided with the Quick Connect demos using the chosen board’s build system and tools to connect to your Amazon account. The data flow from the Amazon IoT console on your account is visible now.

Explore FreeRTOS libraries

Once you have an understanding of how an IoT device and Amazon IoT work together, you can start exploring FreeRTOS libraries, and the Long-Term Support (LTS) libraries.

Some commonly used libraries for FreeRTOS based Amazon IoT devices are:

Visit for library-specific technical documentation and demos.

Understand how to build a secure and robust Amazon IoT product

Refer to Featured FreeRTOS Amazon IoT Integrations to learn about best practices in making IoT device software more secure and robust. These FreeRTOS IoT integrations are designed for improved security using a combination of FreeRTOS software, and a partner-provided board with hardware security features. Use them in production as is, or use them as a model for your own designs.

Develop your Amazon IoT application product

Follow these steps to create an application project for your Amazon IoT product:

  1. Download the latest FreeRTOS or Long Term Support (LTS) version from, or clone from the FreeRTOS-LTS GitHub repository. You can also integrate the required FreeRTOS libraries into your project from the MCU vendor’s toolchain if available.

  2. Follow the FreeRTOS Porting guide to create a project, set up the development environment, and integrate FreeRTOS libraries into your project. Use the FreeRTOS-Libraries-Integration-Tests GitHub repository to validate the porting.