Amazon IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS test suite versions - FreeRTOS
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Amazon IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS test suite versions

IDT for FreeRTOS organizes test resources into test suites and test groups:

  • A test suite is the set of test groups used to verify that a device works with particular versions of FreeRTOS.

  • A test group is the set of individual tests related to a particular feature, such as BLE and MQTT messaging.

Starting in IDT v3.0.0, test suites are versioned using a major.minor.patch format starting from 1.0.0. When you download IDT, the package includes the latest test suite version.

When you start IDT in the command line interface, IDT checks whether a newer test suite version is available. If so, it prompts you to update to the new version. You can choose to update or continue with your current tests.


IDT supports the three latest test suite versions for qualification. For more information, see Support policy for Amazon IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS.

You can download test suites by using the upgrade-test-suite command. Or, you can use the optional parameter -upgrade-test-suite flag when you start IDT where flag can be 'y' to always download the latest version, or 'n' to use the existing version.

You can also run the list-supported-versions command to list the FreeRTOS and test suite versions that are supported by the current version of IDT.

New tests might introduce new IDT configuration settings. If the settings are optional, IDT notifies you and continues running the tests. If the settings are required, IDT notifies you and stops running. After you configure the settings, you can continue to run the tests.