Enabling volume autosizing - FSx for ONTAP
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Enabling volume autosizing

Volume autosizing so that the volume will automatically grow to a specified size when it reaches a used space threshold. You can do this for FlexVol volume types (the default volume type for FSx for ONTAP) using the volume autosize ONTAP CLI command.

To enable volume autosizing (ONTAP CLI)
  1. To access the NetApp ONTAP CLI, establish an SSH session on the management port of the Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system by running the following command. Replace management_endpoint_ip with the IP address of the file system's management port.

    [~]$ ssh fsxadmin@management_endpoint_ip

    For more information, see Managing file systems with the ONTAP CLI.

  2. Use the volume autosize command as shown, replacing the following values:

    • Replace svm_name with the name of the SVM that the volume is created on.

    • Replace vol_name with name of the volume that you want to resize.

    • Replace grow_threshold with a used space percentage value (such as 90) at which the volume will automatically increase in size (up to the max_size value).

    • Replace max_size with the maximum size that the volume can grow to. Use the format integer[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]; for example, 300TB. The maximum size is 300 TB. The default is 120% of the volume size.

    • Replace min_size with the minimum size that the volume will shrink to. Use the same format as for max_size.

    • Replace shrink_threshold with the used space percentage at which the volume will automatically shrink in size.

    ::> volume autosize -vserver svm_name -volume vol_name -mode grow_shrink -grow-threshold-percent grow_threshold -maximum-size max_size -shrink-threshold-percent shrink_threshold -minimum-size min_size