Deleting a backup - FSx for ONTAP
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Deleting a backup

You can delete automatic daily backups and user-initiated backups using the Amazon FSx console, CLI, and API, as described in the following procedures.

To delete backups created using Amazon Backup, see Deleting backups in the Amazon Backup Developer Guide.

To delete a backup (console)
  1. Open the Amazon FSx console at

  2. From the console dashboard, choose Backups from the left side navigation.

  3. Choose the backup that you want to delete from the Backups table, and then choose Delete backup.

  4. In the Delete backups dialog box that opens, confirm that the ID of the backup shown is the backup that you want to delete.

  5. Confirm that the check box is checked for the backup that you want to delete.

  6. Choose Delete backups.

Your backup and all included data are now permanently and irrecoverably deleted.

To delete a backup (CLI)
  • Use the delete-backup CLI command or the equivalent DeleteBackup API action to delete an FSx for ONTAP volume backup, as shown in the following example.

    $ aws fsx delete-backup --backup-id backup-a0123456789abcdef

    The system response includes the ID of the backup being deleted, and its lifecycle status, with DELETED indicating that the request was successful.

    { "BackupId": "backup-a0123456789abcdef", "Lifecycle": "DELETED" }