Updating volume's Snapshot reserve - FSx for ONTAP
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Updating volume's Snapshot reserve

You can change the amount of Snapshot reserve on a volume using the NetApp ONTAP CLI or API, described in the following procedure.

  1. To access the NetApp ONTAP CLI, establish an SSH session on the management port of the Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system by running the following command. Replace management_endpoint_ip with the IP address of the file system's management port.

    [~]$ ssh fsxadmin@management_endpoint_ip

    For more information, see Managing file systems with the ONTAP CLI.

  2. Use the snap reserve ONTAP CLI command to change the percent of disk space used for the Snapshot copy reserve. Replace vol_name with the name of the volume, and percent with the percent of disk space you want to reserve for Snapshot copies.

    ::> snap reserve vol_name percent

    The following example changes the snapshot reserve for vol1 to 25% of the volumes storage capacity.

    ::> snap reserve vol1 25