Creating a Azure SQL connection - Amazon Glue
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Creating a Azure SQL connection

To connect to Azure SQL from Amazon Glue, you will need to create and store your Azure SQL credentials in a Amazon Secrets Manager secret, then associate that secret with a Azure SQL Amazon Glue connection.

To configure a connection to Azure SQL:
  1. In Amazon Secrets Manager, create a secret using your Azure SQL credentials. To create a secret in Secrets Manager, follow the tutorial available in Create an Amazon Secrets Manager secret in the Amazon Secrets Manager documentation. After creating the secret, keep the Secret name, secretName for the next step.

    • When selecting Key/value pairs, create a pair for the key user with the value azuresqlUsername.

    • When selecting Key/value pairs, create a pair for the key password with the value azuresqlPassword.

  2. In the Amazon Glue console, create a connection by following the steps in Adding an Amazon Glue connection. After creating the connection, keep the connection name, connectionName, for future use in Amazon Glue.

    • When selecting a Connection type, select Azure SQL.

    • When providing Azure SQL URL, provide a JDBC endpoint URL.

      The URL must be in the following format: jdbc:sqlserver://databaseServerName:databasePort;databaseName=azuresqlDBname;.

      Amazon Glue requires the following URL properties:

      • databaseName – A default database in Azure SQL to connect to.

      For more information about JDBC URLs for Azure SQL Managed Instances, see the Microsoft documentation.

    • When selecting an Amazon Secret, provide secretName.