Creating a Vertica connection - Amazon Glue
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Creating a Vertica connection


  • An Amazon S3 bucket or folder to use for temporary storage when reading from and writing to the database, referred to by tempS3Path.


    When using Vertica in Amazon Glue job data previews, temporary files may not be automatically removed from tempS3Path. To ensure the removal of temporary files, directly end the data preview session by choosing End session in the Data preview pane.

    If you cannot guarantee the data preview session is ended directly, consider setting Amazon S3 Lifecycle configuration to remove old data. We recommend removing data older than 49 hours, based on maximum job runtime plus a margin. For more information about configuring Amazon S3 Lifecycle, see Managing your storage lifecycle in the Amazon S3 documentation.

  • An IAM policy with appropriate permissions to your Amazon S3 path you can associate with your Amazon Glue job role.

  • If your Vertica instance is in an Amazon VPC, configure Amazon VPC to allow your Amazon Glue job to communicate with the Vertica instance without traffic traversing the public internet.

    In Amazon VPC, identify or create a VPC, Subnet and Security group that Amazon Glue will use while executing the job. Additionally, you need to ensure Amazon VPC is configured to permit network traffic between your Vertica instance and this location. Your job will need to establish a TCP connection with your Vertica client port, (default 5433). Based on your network layout, this may require changes to security group rules, Network ACLs, NAT Gateways and Peering connections.

To configure a connection to Vertica:
  1. In Amazon Secrets Manager, create a secret using your Vertica credentials, verticaUsername and verticaPassword. To create a secret in Secrets Manager, follow the tutorial available in Create an Amazon Secrets Manager secret in the Amazon Secrets Manager documentation. After creating the secret, keep the Secret name, secretName for the next step.

    • When selecting Key/value pairs, create a pair for the key user with the value verticaUsername.

    • When selecting Key/value pairs, create a pair for the key password with the value verticaPassword.

  2. In the Amazon Glue console, create a connection by following the steps in Adding an Amazon Glue connection. After creating the connection, keep the connection name, connectionName, for the next step.

    • When selecting a Connection type, select Vertica.

    • When selecting Vertica Host, provide the hostname of your Vertica installation.

    • When selecting Vertica Port, the port your Vertica installation is available through.

    • When selecting an Amazon Secret, provide secretName.

  3. In the following situations, you may require additional configuration:

    • For Vertica instances hosted on Amazon in an Amazon VPC

      • Provide Amazon VPC connection information to the Amazon Glue connection that defines your Vertica security credentials. When creating or updating your connection, set VPC, Subnet and Security groups in Network options.

You will need to perform the following steps before running your Amazon Glue job:

  • Grant the IAM role associated with your Amazon Glue job permissions to tempS3Path.

  • Grant the IAM role associated with your Amazon Glue job permission to read secretName.