Creating a Vertica target node - Amazon Glue
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Creating a Vertica target node

Prerequisites needed

  • A Vertica type Amazon Glue Data Catalog connection, connectionName and a temporary Amazon S3 location, tempS3Path, as described in the previous section, Creating a Vertica connection.

Adding a Vertica data target

To add a Data target – Vertica node:
  1. Choose the connection for your Vertica data source. Since you have created it, it should be available in the dropdown. If you need to create a connection, choose Create Vertica connection. For more information see the previous section, Creating a Vertica connection.

    Once you have chosen a connection, you can view the connection properties by clicking View properties.

  2. Choose the Database containing your table.

  3. Choose the Staging area in Amazon S3, enter an S3A URI to tempS3Path.

  4. Enter tableName and optionally select a Schema.

  5. In Custom Vertica properties, enter parameters and values as needed.