Managing notebook sessions - Amazon Glue
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Managing notebook sessions

Notebooks in Amazon Glue Studio are based on the interactive sessions feature of Amazon Glue. There is a cost for using interactive sessions. To help manage your costs, you can monitor the sessions created for your account, and configure the default settings for all sessions.

Change the default timeout for all notebook sessions

By default, the provisioned Amazon Glue Studio notebook times out after 12 hours if the notebook was launched and no cells have been executed. There is no cost associated to it and the timeout is not configurable.

Once you execute a cell this will start an interactive session. This session has a default timeout of 48 hours. This timeout can be configured by passing an %idle_timeout magic before executing a cell.

To modify the default session timeout for notebooks in Amazon Glue Studio
  1. In the notebook, enter the %idle_timeout magic in a cell and specify the timeout value in minutes.

  2. For example: %idle_timeout 15 will change the default timeout to 15 minutes. If the session is not used in 15 minutes, the session is automatically stopped.

Installing additional Python modules

If you would like to install additional modules to your session using pip you can do so by using %additional_python_modules to add them to your session:

%additional_python_modules awswrangler, s3://mybucket/mymodule.whl

All arguments to additional_python_modules are passed to pip3 install -m <>

For a list of available Python modules, see Using Python libraries with Amazon Glue.

Changing Amazon Glue Configuration

You can use magics to control Amazon Glue job configuration values. If you want to change a job configuration value you have to use the proper magic in the notebook. See Magics supported by Amazon Glue interactive sessions for Jupyter.


Overriding properties for a running session is no longer available. In order to change the session’s configurations, you can stop the session, set the new configurations and then start a new session.

Amazon Glue supports various worker types. You can set the worker type with %worker_type. For example: %worker_type G.2X . The default is G.1X.

You can also specify the Number of workers with %number_of_workers. For example, to specify 40 workers: %number_of_workers 40.

For more information see Defining Job Properties

Stop a notebook session

To stop a notebook session, use the magic %stop_session.

If you navigate away from the notebook in the Amazon console, you will receive a warning message where you can choose to stop the session.