IoT SiteWise OPC-UA data source simulator - Amazon IoT Greengrass
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IoT SiteWise OPC-UA data source simulator

The IoT SiteWise OPC-UA data source simulator component (aws.iot.SiteWiseEdgeOpcuaDataSourceSimulator) starts a local OPC-UA server that generates sample data. Use this OPC-UA server to simulate a data source read by the IoT SiteWise OPC-UA collector component on an Amazon IoT SiteWise gateway. Then, you can explore Amazon IoT SiteWise features using this sample data. For more information about Amazon IoT SiteWise gateways, see Using Amazon IoT SiteWise at the edge in the Amazon IoT SiteWise User Guide.


This component has the following versions:

  • 1.0.x


This component is a generic component (aws.greengrass.generic). The Greengrass nucleus runs the component's lifecycle scripts.

For more information, see Component types.

Operating system

This component can be installed on core devices that run the following operating systems:

  • Linux

  • Windows


This component has the following requirements:

  • The Greengrass core device must be able to use port 4840 on the local host. This component's local OPC-UA server runs at this port.


When you deploy a component, Amazon IoT Greengrass also deploys compatible versions of its dependencies. This means that you must meet the requirements for the component and all of its dependencies to successfully deploy the component. This section lists the dependencies for the released versions of this component and the semantic version constraints that define the component versions for each dependency. You can also view the dependencies for each version of the component in the Amazon IoT Greengrass console. On the component details page, look for the Dependencies list.

The following table lists the dependencies for all versions of this component.

Dependency Compatible versions Dependency type
Greengrass nucleus >=2.3.0 <3.0.0 Hard

For more information about component dependencies, see the component recipe reference.


This component doesn't have any configuration parameters.

Local log file

This component uses the following log file.

To view this component's logs
  • Run the following command on the core device to view this component's log file in real time. Replace /greengrass/v2 or C:\greengrass\v2 with the path to the Amazon IoT Greengrass root folder.

    sudo tail -f /greengrass/v2/logs/aws.iot.SiteWiseEdgeOpcuaDataSourceSimulator.log
    Windows (PowerShell)
    Get-Content C:\greengrass\v2\logs\aws.iot.SiteWiseEdgeOpcuaDataSourceSimulator.log -Tail 10 -Wait


The following table describes the changes in each version of the component.




Initial version.

Adds support for Windows Server 2016 or higher.

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