Viewing alarm details - Amazon IoT SiteWise Monitor
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Viewing alarm details

On the Assets page, you can view and respond to the alarms on any asset that is associated with your projects. Portal administrators have access to all assets in the portal and can use the Assets page to view and configure all assets' alarms.

To view details about an alarm
  1. In the navigation bar, choose the Assets icon.

    The "Assets" icon in the navigation bar.
  2. (Optional) Choose a project in the projects drop-down list to show only assets from a specific project.

          The "Assets" page, with the projects drop-down list called out.
  3. Choose an asset in the Assets hierarchy.


    Expand the arrow next to an asset to view all children of that asset.

  4. Choose the Alarms tab for the asset.

  5. Choose the alarm to view.

    The alarm details page opens. You can view the alarm's configuration, status history, and notification settings.