Deploying a package version through Amazon IoT jobs - Amazon IoT Core
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Deploying a package version through Amazon IoT jobs

You can use the following steps to deploy a package version through the Amazon Web Services Management Console.


Before you begin, do the following:

To deploy an Amazon IoT job
  1. On the Amazon IoT console, choose Software packages.

  2. Choose the software package that you want to deploy. The software package details page appears.

  3. Choose the package version that you want to deploy, under Versions, and choose Deploy job version.

  4. If this is your first time deploying a job through this portal, a dialog box describing the requirements appears. Review the information and choose Acknowledge.

  5. Enter a name for the deployment or leave the autogenerated name in the Name field.

  6. [Optional] In the Description field, enter a description that identifies the purpose or contents of the deployment, or leave the autogenerated information.

    Note: We recommend that you don't use personally identifiable information in the Job name and description fields.

  7. [Optional] Add any tags to associate with this job.

  8. Choose Next.

  9. Under Job targets, choose the things or thing groups that should receive the job.

  10. In the Job file field, specify the job document JSON file.

  11. Open Jobs integration with the Package Catalog service.

  12. Select the packages and versions that are specified within your job document.


    You are required to choose the same packages and package versions that are specified within the job document. You can include more, but the job will issue instructions only for the packages and versions included in the job document. For more information, see Naming the packages and versions when deploying.

  13. Choose Next.

  14. On the Job configuration page, select one of the following job types in the Job configuration dialog box:

    • Snapshot job: A snapshot job is complete when it's finished its run on the target devices and groups.

    • Continuous job: A continuous job applies to thing groups and runs on any device that you later add to a specified target group.

  15. In the Additional configurations - optional dialog box, review the following optional job configurations and make your selections accordingly. For more information, see Job rollout, scheduling, and abort configurations and Job execution timeout and retry configurations.

    • Rollout configuration

    • Scheduling configuration

    • Job executions timeout configuration

    • Job executions retry configuration

    • Abort configuration

  16. Review the job selections and then choose Submit.

After you create the job, the console generates a JSON signature and places it in your job document. You can use the Amazon IoT console to view the status of a job, or cancel or delete a job. To manage jobs, go to the Job hub of the console.